N450 Cutter Plate

N450 Cutter Plate

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Genuine 16-blade cutter plate for the Nutrifaster N450. Precision machined for long-lasting performance.

Cleaning Instructions

For best results, soak your blade, basket, and juice pan in Clean Cut nightly. This removes pectin buildup and ensures the highest juice yield possible.

Clean Cut Information & Product Page

Servicing & Care

For best results from your Nutrifaster N450, we recommend having your N450 Cutter Plate re-sharpened every 2-4 months under regular use. This greatly extends the life of your motor and ensures you can continue juicing with ease.

For blade sharpening information, please see our Blade Sharpening Page

Note: Nutrifaster only offers blade sharpening service on N450 Cutter Plates and Ruby Juicer Blades. The N450 Shredder Plate cannot be re-sharpened and has an average lifespan of 18-24 months. 

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